Become The Next Uber For Starbucks Lovers With Our Mobile E-Bike Coffee Shops.
Opening Your Dream Coffee Shop
Is No Longer Just A Dream.
Ready to run your own coffee shop while riding through your favorite parks, beaches and city hotspots?

Our revolutionary model combines Uber + Starbucks for a fun, flexible and fulfilling entrepreneurial experience like no other.
Electric bike with built-in coffee shop
App with a million potential customers
does it work?
You get an electric bike with a built-in coffee shop plus an app with millions of potential customers at your fingertips. Serve deluxe Belgian coffee, earn profits and build a thriving business without being stuck to a fixed location.
You’re seconds away from thousands of buyers on the street (and even more in the mobile app).
Tap Into A Massive Market With Endless Demand.
Even complete beginners can use our capsules to provide a world-class product. Just press the labeled buttons - that’s it!
Serve Gourmet, Exotic Coffee In Just 3 Button Presses.
No Need To Take Out A Loan Or Risk Your Life Savings.
With affordable packages starting from $2000, you’ll become your own boss without the risk, hassle or hurdles.
Reach Customers No One Else Can.
Our mobile coffee shop model grants you unlimited flexibility across the high-profit areas other coffee shops can’t reach.
Keep The Planet Clean And Your Customers Happy.
Our eco-friendly setups minimize your impact on the environment.
Ready to take part in the coffee shop revolution? Just click below and we’ll be happy to guide you:
Get Started Quickly, Easily And Affordably With Three Package Sizes.
Choose which one for you
Start-up capital: $2000
This easy, affordable, and low-maintenance package is ideal for beginners who want to get their business off the ground without breaking the bank.
The Smallest Mobile Coffee Shop In The World
Coffeeshing Mini
Coffeeshing City
Transform Your Coffeeshop Into An All-In-One Deli, Bakery And Pitstop
Expand your profit potential with a refrigerator, microwave, electric grill and more. Please customers with a delicious selection of baked goods, hot food, and other appetizing items.
Start-up capital: $4000
Coffeeshing Deluxe
Deliver The Premier Coffeeshop Experience To Anyone In Your City
Unlock maximum capacity, impress clientele with a sun awning and transparent show windows, and provide the 5-star experience.
Start-up capital: $8000
Coffeeshing Mini
The Smallest Mobile Coffee Shop In The World
Start-up capital: $2000
1 Electric Bike
1 Coffee Maker
1 Cappuccino/Latte Maker
Box with 20 liters of water
Replaceable + Backup Batteries for E-Bike and Coffee Maker
Start-up capital: TB
Tech information: TBD
Coffeeshing City
Transform Your Coffeeshop Into An All-In-One Deli, Bakery And Pitstop
Start-up capital: $4000
1 Electric Bike
1 Coffee Maker
1 Cappuccino/Latte Maker
Box with 20 liters of water
Replaceable + Backup Batteries for E-Bike and Coffee Maker
Start-up capital: TB
Tech information: TBD
Coffeeshing Deluxe
Deliver The Premier Coffeeshop Experience To Anyone In Your City
Start-up capital: $8000
1 Electric Bike
2 Coffee Maker
2 Cappuccino/Latte Maker
Box with 20 liters of water
Replaceable + Backup Batteries for E-Bike and Coffee Maker
Tech information: TBD
Coffe App
Our Powerful App Makes Managing Your Business A Total Breeze.
Our mobile app makes it easy to find new customers, get ratings, and build your reputation so you can become the leader in your area.
Fulfill orders through Pickup or Delivery options (and set your fees accordingly)
Manage customers and individual availability so you never get overwhelmed by demand
Access sales reports in two taps for the insights you need to stay on top
Get immediate access to our 24/7 technical support so your business stays running smoothly
Get Unmatched Freedom And Flexibility In Your Business.
“How Easy Is It To Get Started?”
Very! Just take these three simple steps:
It’s never been so easy to get your business up and running!
Get your mobile coffeeshop package
Get up-to-speed with our easy-to-understand training material
Get your first customer
“What If This Is My First Business?”
Then you’re in the right place - because we’ve removed all middlemen, overhead, and barriers to entry. Simply take orders on the street or through the app and prepare gourmet coffee with three button presses - that’s it! Plus, get extra support with:
We’ve done everything for you so you can spend more time doing what you like - and less of what you don’t.
Dedicated Training
Technical Onboarding of your outlet to our mobile app
Opening Day Prep and Support
2-Week Post-Launch Consultation
Ready-To-Go Coffee Capsules shipped right to you
Done-For-You Marketing Promotions
Can I work alone
or with a team?
It’s totally up to you! Run your business solo for complete independence, expand to capture the most customers possible, or build up over time with our flexible packages.
Unlimited Opportunity. Predictable Profits. Here’s Why Coffeeshing Provides Both.
Ready to tap into the demand of Uber and profit potential of Starbucks? Here’s why Coffeeshing gives you unmatched freedom and opportunity in your business:
Freedom from renting, leases, loans and extensive paperwork
Full flexibility in how you serve customers (Pickup or Delivery)
Minimal initial investment (with full ROI in as little as 1-3 months)
Street trading license (operate anywhere in the city when regular coffee shops are closed)
Guaranteed quality with our deluxe Belgian coffee capsules
Coffee Market
580 billion cups of coffee a year people drink
1.6 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day
The global coffee market was valued at USD 465 billion in 2021
Reach The Customers Your Competitors Wish They Could - And Rapidly Capture A Huge Crowd Of Coffee-Lovers.
Here’s why a bicycle coffee shop gives you a huge advantage over traditional coffee shops and delivery services:
While your competitors struggle to get parking permits, you’re delivering double the orders in places they can’t reach.
No bureaucracy.
You’re not stuck in one place.
Stationary coffee shops are hampered by space, overhead, employees, and more. But you’ve got the freedom to go where the traffic’s hottest on any given day.
Your own terms and time.
Set up shop wherever you want and work whenever you please. With Coffeeshing, you set the rules of your business for maximum fun and freedom.
Our Expertise In The Coffee Industry Is Your Competitive Advantage.
We’ve sold over 1.2 million capsules of BOSECO coffee per year, perfected our coffee-making methods, and made it easy for you to take advantage.

It started with capturing the magic of Belgian coffee in convenient capsules for a barista-level quality without the trip to the coffee shop.

And while our coffee machines have seen huge success, we’re combining two proven business models - Uber and Starbucks - to pair massive demand and potential with a massive market that can’t go without their daily cup of coffee.

But a quality product requires a great team - and we have one:
Kostiantyn studied at a top university in the UK, obtaining Intenrational Finance degree. He then helped found Boseco to change the world with new, unique products that disrupt massive global industries.
Constantine Yun Jr.
Konstantyn Yun
Konstantyn founded and built an international diversified investment and management holding with a valuation of $70 million. Within the holding, as a CEO, he grew multiple companies ranging from manufacturing to chemical distribution to a real estate development division that developed real estate projects worth over $10 million. Konstantyn’s businesses generated over $150 million in cumulative revenue and achieved excellent profitability. He achieved 1 exit.

Serge Adamyan
Serge is a co-founder and CEO/CFO of multiple successful companies which he bootstrapped to excellent revenue and profitability. Among the companies he built, he founded a company which became an exclusive Universal Music distributor in international markets. He also ran a success franchise of Baskin Robins stores. Serge’s businesses generated over $50 million in cumulative revenue, achieved excellent 30%+ EBITDA profitability and created over $50 million in shareholder value. Some of his businesses grew over 30x. He achieved 3 exits.

Our mission is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs become financially independent with one of the most fun, fulfilling and flexible business models ever created. If you’d like to take part in this movement then we invite you to join us!
Join the project!
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